Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Publix 5/10

Ok, for some reason my picture is flipped correctly on my computer, but when I upload it on here, it wants to go sideways. Oh well, half the items are sideways anyway...I was trying to get a shot from above. Anyway, again I didn't save as much as I have been saving...the sales and coupons just don't seem to be matching up as well as they did in April....although alot of that was due in part because of Earth Day...so thank you Earth Day/Month for providing good sales!

Mama Maria's Pizza Crust (bottem left corner) @ $3.69
Hormel Pork Loin @ $7.99
Jennie-O Ground Turkey @ $2.99 (a GREAT sale price...this usually runs about $5 for 1lb, and it's alot healthier than beef)
Muir Glen Organic Tomato Paste @ $1.09
Publix Cheddar Cheese Block @ $2.69
Publix Mojo Marinade @ $1.49 (our neighbor is Puerto Rican and likes to use Mojo as a marinade alot...so we figured we'd try it...and it's cheap...that big bottle for $1.49!)
Thomas English Muffins @ $1.50 (BOGO this week)
Sara Lee Bread @ $1.99 (the white bread is BOGO but of course not the wheat!)
Bear Naked Granola @ $4.29 (this is hubby's fave...but it's so expensive, so I only buy when I have a q!)

$1 off Bear Naked Granola (from Mambo Spouts home mailer)
$1 off any Hormel pork product (from 5/9 AJC)
$1 off Mama Maria's Pizza Crust (from AJC...can't remember which date)
$1 off any Muir Glen product (printed off internet..but can't find the link..sorry!)
$5/25 purchase Rite Aid q found HERE (try using 19457 and set radius to 50 miles)

Total before coupons: $31.56
Total after coupons: $19.17
Savings: 39.26% (STILL not anywhere near my April savings but I did get some god staples that never go on sale!)


  1. A friend of mine makes Mojo pork in a crock pot and it was delicious!!! I think all you do it put the pork loin in the crock pot and pour the marinade over it and then set it to cook for 4-6 hours. Yummy!!

  2. that's pretty much my plan! let's hope it turns out well!