Friday, April 16, 2010

Publix 4/12

My first post! I've been inspired to keep a blog full of my savings since I started couponing in late January. I'm fascinated at how much I have cut my grocery bill, and figured maybe this will inspire someone else to begin couponing too! My husband is all about buying organic, but our income is limited, so I do my best, but don't do organic all the time. In fact, the only things in this picture that's organic are the red apples and Muir Glen tomato paste...oops...

Anyway, on to shopping stats...

Total before coupons: 60.41
Total after coupons: 21.67
Savings: 64%

I can say that the Scrubbing Bubbles was free+overage with the SC Johnson rebate! Also, the sun chips were free thanks to becoming a fan on facebook, and I used a $5/25 purchase coupon from Rite-Aid....thank goodness my Publix takes those! They save me $5-10 every week!

Let's see, also used:

$3 off Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer (Publix coupon)
$5 off Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer
wyb power sprayer, get refill free coupon
$1 off any Muir Glen product (.09 cent tomato paste after coupon!)
$2.50 Stouffer's product (facebook coupon)
.50/3 Stoneyfield yogurts (doubled to $1)
$1 off produce wyb Earth Grains Wheat Thin Buns
$1 off produce wyb Oscar Mayer super think cut bacon (Publix coupon)
.75 off Oscar Mayer bacon


  1. so, just this really all the grocerices you will buy this week?

  2. kg,

    that's something i always wonder when i look at other people's blogs too! because i have stocked up on most items we eat alot (i.e spaghetti, chicken, etc), yes this is pretty much all i bought this week. we usually eat leftovers every other night or so, so i'm not cooking 7 nights a week, and we take leftovers for lunch too...i've had to learn to eat them, it really saves a lot of money and is way healthier than picking up some fast food. also, we won't eat all of this this in 1 gets spread out, so different things (besides the staple bread and milk) are bought different weeks..depending on what's on sale and when! does that help?